17 Best Cashback Sites

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Cashback is the money you receive as a reward for shopping in some online stores. You get free money, which is a little percentage of your money on purchasing products. Cashback can also come as a discount given to you when you make a purchase.

Cashback sites make money online by referring or directing people to buy from Giant retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

They get paid a commission whenever they purchase products from their retail partners, which they pay a part of their commission to their users.

Cashback sites are one of the ways of making and saving money. If you are a shopping freak, you can make about 300 to 700$ yearly, depending on your shopping habits.

I will be listing the best cashback sites you can get some money and huge discounts from.

All cashback sites in this post are legit because they have been tested and found to pay their users.

You should know that most cashback sites in this post won’t work for some countries. Most of these cashback platforms work only in America, the UK, and a few European countries.

17 Best Cashback Sites

Here are the best cashback sites and apps that will reward you for shopping in no particular order.

1. Swag Bucks

This is one of the oldest GPT sites in existence that has been known for paying over 1 million users.

Swagbucks is renowned for its quick payments of earnings to its users. The company claims to have paid out over 370 million dollars to its users within its many years of existence.

Shopping through Swagbucks will earn you cashback. The cashback is measured in Swagbuck points SB, but you can convert it to dollars or Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

Apart from shopping on Swagbucks com, there are other ways you can make more money on their site. You get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, listening to music, playing games, and downloading apps.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal through PayPal is 5$, while the minimum amount for withdrawal through gift cards is 1$. You get 5$ off any 20$ product you shop

2. Shopkick

ShopKick, as the name implies, is another cashback site that rewards you for shopping on their shopping partners like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, American Eagle, etc.

You earn 5$ for a signup bonus and up to 1$ for every store you visit. They also reward you for bringing referrals to their site.

To be qualified for a cashback, you need to scan the barcode of the shopping sites and receipts from their partners before you will be awarded points.

The minimum withdrawal amount for Shopkick is 10$, which you can withdraw through PayPal or get an Amazon or Walmart gift card.

3. Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates)

Rakuten is one of the biggest cashback sites in the world. They reward their users who buy their products through their stores on their site.

New users of the site get a 10$ Amazon gift card as a welcome bonus. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal.

Rakuten can give up to a 40% discount or cashback on all your purchases in their over 10,000 shopping stores.

4. My points

Another fantastic site that offers cash back to its customers is Mypoints.com, which offers cash rebates to shoppers in retail stores.

They give a 10$ welcome bonus to new users. Cashback is not the only wait to earn my points; you get for watching videos, answering surveys, clicking ads, and any other microtask available on the sites. You can get paid up to 1$ per survey.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal on my points is 25$, which you can withdraw through Paypal or gift cards.

5. Be frugal

Being frugal gives you some cash back for shopping in over 10,000 stores worldwide.

Be frugal gives you 10$ as a signup bonus and 10$ for each referral you have.

There are six different methods you can cash out your earnings.

6. Dosh App

Dosh App is a platform that offers cashback across all its 100,000 shopping stores. You earn 1 to 10% of all your shopping on their app.

The only way to use the Dosh is by downloading its app on the play store. Register an account on the app, link your credit card to the app, and you will automatically be given cashback on all their participating stores.

Apart from shopping, Dosh can give you 40% off your hotel accommodation fees on their partner hotels.

Dosh gives new users of their app 10$ as a welcome bonus and 10$ per referral. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal, bank account, or Venmo account

7. Ibotta App

Ibotta is one of the oldest and most popular cashback apps. They boast of paying over 970 million dollars cashback to their esteemed customers.

One can get a 30% discount on any product bought on the Ibotta app or website. Ibotta has over 5,000 shopping stores which you can get cash back from.

You can connect your loyalty accounts with your favorite retail shops and get cash back through Ibotta. Another way of getting cash back on Ibotta is through offline shopping by buying products at any retail shop, taking a photo of your receipt, uploading it on the app, and getting cash back.

8. Topcashback

This is one of the cashback sites that boast over 11 million members worldwide. Their major retail store Partners are Amazon and eBay.

Their site has an easy web interface. To get cashback on Topcashback, just browse through the site, select the product you want, buy the product through your link and get cashback on all your purchases.

9.Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates gives you a chrome extension called “Mr. Rebates quick cashback button” that helps you to shop on their cashback sites. This chrome extension helps to remind you of activating cashback on all their shopping stores.

The extension also gives you a coupon code to get discounts on your shopping stores on partner retail stores.

10. Drop App

The drop app allows you to earn cashback on all your shopping effortlessly. Drop rewards you for shopping with them.

To start getting rebates from Drop, just download the app, register, connect your credit card to the Drop app and enjoy cashback automatically on your spending.

 11. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 gives you cashback for purchasing groceries and Gas on their sites. You can get 25cents per Gallon of Gas or kerosene you purchase through their link on Shell, Exxon Mobil, and Total.

To start using Check out 51, download the app, create an account on Checkout 51, buy Gas or kerosene, take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Check out 51 and get your points.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 25$, which you can withdraw to your account.

12. Groupon

Groupon gives you discounts to you, your family, and friends on all your purchases on all your domestic goods, hotels, restaurants, event, and services.

Daily deals on Groupon range from 50 to 75% discount on your purchases.

You get discounts deals daily on the app. Every day there are different deals on Groupon. So any deal you see on Groupon, you have 24 hours to purchase the deal to get discounts.

 13. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog rewards you with points which you can convert to money when you snap and upload photos of your receipts on every good you buy at any shop. Receipt Hog uses your receipts for consumer research for big brands and companies.

Receipt Hog also gives you surveys on your spending habits and thoughts about the goods you brought. They also ask about the customer service of the store or supermarket selling their products.

For every 10$ receipt uploaded on the app, you earn 5 points. The minimum threshold for withdrawal is 1,000 points which is 20$, which one can withdraw through Paypal or Gift Cards.

14. Fetch Rewards

This is Another cashback site that rewards you for uploading receipts of all your purchases.

You are awarded coins for each receipt you post on the app. A $3 bill photo you upload on the app gives you 3 points. The points for you to withdraw are 1000 points which are 10$ to your PayPal account. You can watch videos and take surveys on Fetch App.

15. Coupons

This is one of the cashback sites that gives their members coupon codes to get discounts on buying products.

You just have to download the app, register, and link your credit card to the app. Select your favorite stores, shop on the app, and get discounts.

Your cashback will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

16. Free Birds

Freebirds allows you to get cashback of a percentage of money spent with your partners.

Download the FreeBird app, link your Uber and Lyft account, and get cashback for anything you use Uber and Lyft services.

You can use Free Bird for cashback for every money you spend on any Restaurant that is a partner of Freebird available in your area.

You can use cashback from Free Bird to get free food, free drive, and gift cards.

17. Up promise

Up promise gives you cashback on all your purchases at their partner retail stores to save for your children’s education.

Upromise encourages parents to educate their children and offers 10% cashback on everything they buy from their partners.

Request for your money to be withdrawn to your bank account.

Difference Between Cashback and Using coupon code

There is little difference between cashback and using coupon codes. Some of the sites listed here use cashback, while others use coupon codes.

Cashback is paying in advance for a product and receiving a part of your money as a reward for patronizing them.

Coupon Codes buy something at a lower cost using a coupon code that gives you a percentage of discount on the product’s original price.



Those are the 17 cashback sites that give you cashback on your shopping with their partner store.

Using Cashback sites to shop can save you up to 300$ monthly on your shopping spending.

I will advise you to choose 4 to 5 cashback sites that you will use for your spending.

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