14 Best personal finance books

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If you are interested in reading the best books in the personal finance niche, then this post is for you.

I am going to list the best and most popular books on Personal Finance that will help you to
make, manage and multiply money.

Read these books, if you want a positive turnaround in your income.

1. J Clayson “The Richest Man in Babylon”

The electronic version of the book can be purchased and downloaded in the formats:

A book for beginners that shows the example of ordinary people how to make capital.
It gives very simple advice, on how to become rich. And although this advice is very simple,
it is difficult for many to follow, because it is not easy to implement. “Part of the need to
be earned is the need to leave oneself” – this advice.

That capital has already become true, almost all authors talk about it on the pages of their financial books. George Samuel Claeson said to follow simple rules:

Each earned amount has deferred a minimum of 10%. Hunger comes with eating. You won’t
notice how slowly it go to 20, 30, or 40%.

Consult knowledgeable people. I heed this advice with caution given that not many of
them are in the country. Therefore, in the first stages of accumulation and in order to
increase their wealth, I recommend reading professional literature and being sure to filter
the information there.

2. R. Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

This is the best-selling book on personal finance, as it has sold more than 20 million
copies and has been translated in over 10 languages.

The problem with many people is that they spend more than they earn. Money controls
their lives. One of the rules to learn from the book is to invest in assets, i.e. bring money, and not that they take.

Due to financial illiteracy, we often confuse these concepts. Read Robert Kiyosaki’s book and learn to tell them apart, and you’ll also learn how poor and rich people think. What kind of thinking do you consider yourself to be?

3. Napoleon olAnn Hill “Think and Get Rich”

The book was issued in the early 20th century and it has been reprinted more than 40
times. It is considered a bestseller. The book is gathered from the author’s experience to
study the psychology of successful people. The main conclusion that Napoleon Hill
brought to us is that money is work, permanent work in itself, the pursuit of ideas
and action.

The book contains stories of famous millionaires who believed in his idea and went to it
despite the jokes and misgivings of others.
Motivation is very important in the stage of awareness of missing something and doing
wrong in life. Everyone has to pass their way to understand the need to manage their

The book Ann Hill teaches to inspire, think and prosper. If you’re in need of a magic pink,
Welcome to the pages.

4. Bodo Schaefer “Mani, or Money ABC”

The first impression of beginning reading is not for you, but for your daughter or son. children’s literature.

The book is written on the face of a 12-year-old girl who, with her canine mind, grasps the basics of financial literacy. But the first impression is deceptive. It will be useful not only for teenagers but also for adults.

After all, many of us are totally kids in money matters. The author simply explains the basic principles of money. What is money? Learn how to earn them? How to save and multiply? You will find the answer on the pages of the book.

By the way, it is not superfluous to show this book to your children. In school, something
will be told about money. And in adulthood, it is better to spend time figuring out the
financial alphabet, rather than developing a financial strategy and enrichment strategy.

5. V. Savenok “How to make a personal financial plan and implement it”

Vladimir Savenok has been professionally engaged in finance for more than 20 years. As
he himself notes, his book is written in a language understandable to all.

The author is the very affordable form teaches the author to work with money, to understand its movement, and to joke about what is managed, and not vice versa. Vladimir indicates the obligation of financial planning for each individual and a separate family, regardless of income level.

6. V. Savenok “Million for my daughter. Step-by-step accumulation plan “

The main promise is already contained in the title of the book. The author explains how to accumulate capital, which to use investment mechanisms to save money from inflation. A book for those who do not live today, who think not only of themselves but also of the welfare of their children.

If you have never heard that stocks, bonds, pension insurance, then the author talks about it in text and pictures. In an easy, accessible form embedded in all books V. Savenka, draws on practical examples and teaches the art of accumulating personal experience.

The book is not only theoretical material with practical examples in the workbook. You not only read but also fill in the calculated tables given in the book, which are accumulation plans.

7. U. Sakharovskaya “Where the money goes. How to competently manage the family
budget “

This book is not about why living on credit or spending it as earning. This is a book for those who thought about the issue where the whole salary goes and why it is not possible to deposit it home, your home or car by sea.

Yulia Sakharovskaya is a financial advisor for managing family finances. She teaches how to create and optimize costs and explains basic accumulating tools. The main principle – it should not be damaged by the daily happiness of the family.

8. “I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi”

This book was written by a popular Personal Finance Teacher and Author Ramit Sethi. It teaches the readers how to use their credit cards to get rewards, how to save and earn high interest. The book will teach you how to save, accumulate and multiply money effortlessly.

The book is on Amazon and on Ramit Sethi’s blog. It has about 1000 pages guiding you on
how to become Rich. It has a 6-week plan for you to use and become Rich. It costs 7.16$ on Amazon

9. Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence “by Vicki Robin”.

Vicki Robin gave advice on how to make money, achieve financial freedom, and how retire young and Rich. It is suitable for those who want to retire young and set up systems that will generate money for them. It gives specific and general tips on how to get your wealth goals and investments plan.

10. “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach.

This is a book you ought to read if you are in making money and automating your finances. This book teaches you how to automate your money for saving, paying off bad debts, and investing in Real Estate.

The Author gave a case study on how he and his wife became rich and retire young by automating their finances. There are also examples of people who become rich by following the principles in his book.

The Automatic Millionaire is a book I have read twice and it was worth it. The price of the “Automatic Millionaire” is currently $10.19 on Amazon Store.

11. The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich,
Free Life,” by JL Collins”.

This book was born out of the series of letters or epistles written by the Author to his daughter. It talks about how to invest your money, retire young and be financially free. It gives important tips and advice on investments in a well-detailed and explained way.

Every Investor or potential investor should read the “Simple Path to Wealth” by JL Collins. It has the highest ratings among Personal Finance books In Amazon with 3,800 ratings of 4.8 to show you how good the book is. It is priced at $14.39 on Amazon.

12. Get Good With Money: Ten Simple Steps To Becoming Financially Whole” by Tiffany

The Authoress shares 10 steps that used to come out of debts and poverty. The book gives you actionable advice to get rid of debts, save money and be well financially without regret.

13. “The Millionaire Next Door,” by Thomas J. Stanley

This is one of the best books anyone who wants to be rich, should read. Thomas Stanley wrote the book after interviewing 50 millionaires in America. He wrote his discoveries and observations, he discovered from the life of the millionaires and he wrote 7 main habits he saw in every millionaire he interviewed.

He discovered that Rich Men spend less than they earn and they also have a positive
mindset. This book is recommended to anyone who is looking for inspiration to be rich and

14.”You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth,’ by Jen Sincero”

Jen Sincero wrote the book to give inspiration and motivation to those who desire to make money.
It advises you on a positive mindset, habits, and thoughts that attract money to you. I will recommend this book to anyone who needs motivational boast to make money. You can get it on Amazon.

In conclusion

You have seen the 14 best Personal Finance books you ought to read. All these books are on Amazon but in hard copy and soft copy. You can alternatively get the books in pdf format from some sites.

It is not enough to read the books, put action to what you will learn from the books. If you follow the steps in these 14 Best Books on Personal Finance, I will assure you will see improvement in your finances.

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