8 Best Personal Finance Management App In 2022

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A personal finance app is an application that can be easily downloaded using your smartphone or tablet that helps you manage all aspects of your finances and prevent overspending. 

These best personal Finance Management apps can help track your spending, saving, and investing. This app can also help trace the bill payments and keep you up to date on credit score changes.  Managing one’s money isn’t an ordinary thing to do.

Now that most people no longer balance, expenses and tracking and keeping up with the bank balance can be cumbersome.

Personal finance apps can be linked with your bank account and help you keep up with your spending habits.

Personal finance apps can help you identify areas you’ve been spending, track upcoming bill payments (some allow you to pay your bills directly through the app), and keep up with your credit score and investment portfolio.

The best personal finance apps provide several different features (e.g., Bill due dates, email reminders, shared wallets, tracking subscriptions, etc.) for managing your overall finances.

All the apps on the below list are available on both iOS and Android, so you can enjoy them regardless of which smartphone giant you’re fond of.

The personal finance management apps below are crowd-pleasers because of their features. In fact, of the time of this writing, each app has at least 4.5 stars out of 5 iOS App Store or on Google Play, including at least 1,000 reviews.

8 Best Personal Finance Management App In 2022

 Here is the list of top best personal finance management apps: 

  •  Mint 
  • Goodbudget
  •  YNAB
  •  Personal capital
  •  PocketGuard 
  •  Honeydue
  •  Simplifi
  •  DigitMint

1. Mint

Minit is a popular personal finance app that shows your complete financial picture in one place. The moment you link your credit and debit cards to your account, Mint pulls your transactions, classifies them, and shows how you have been spending your money.

You can always track all your bills and spending and create a budget you can stick to. The site enables access to your credit balance for free and gets a breakdown of the factors contributing to your score to stay on top of your credit health.

 It’s free and syncs various accounts such as checking and savings, credit cards, loans, investments, and bills.

Mint automatically puts your spending into budget categories as far as the actual budgeting. You can personalize these categories, which are not always limited. 

A limit can be set for these categories, and Mint lets you know if you’re moving closer to those limits. Besides those budgeting features, Mint can help users pay down debt, save more money and track goals.

This personal finance app also shows users their credit score and net worth. Mint provides lots of support for using the app, including a detailed FAQ and a list of issues.

Mint is impressive in several ways, including that it tracks just about everything on your behalf. However, that may not be the case if you’re looking to be more actively hands-on in your budgeting. 

 If you’re searching for an app in which you plan for your money, rather than track it after the fact, then we recommend Mint, and you can download it here

2. Goodbudget

 Goodbudget is another amazing personal management app, and it involves more about planning for your finances than tracking previous transactions.

 This app is based on the envelope budgeting system, in which you bring out the part of your monthly income toward definite spending categories (called envelopes).

 This app doesn’t connect your bank accounts. You manually include your account balances (that you can pull from your bank’s website), including the cash amounts, debts, and income.

 Then you allot money toward envelopes. You can easily access this app on your phone and the web. This application provides a free version that permits one account, two devices, and a limited envelope.

And why you may want to think about this is because you can’t sync financial accounts without entering every expense.

If you are looking for an app that can keep your budget balanced by adjusting budget categories if you mistakenly overspend (or if you under-budgeted for a certain category), then we suggest a good budget, and you can try the app by Download it here

  1. YNAB

You Need a Budget, also known as YNAB, is one of the popular personal finance apps that helps people take Charge of their finance and allows individuals to create a budget and help them save money.

 YNAB is set up for the users to plan for their financial decisions rather than trying to track their past transactions.

 This app follows the zero-based budgeting system, which enables you to make a plan for every dollar you earn. Immediately you receive your salary; you ask YNAB how much of your income should go toward different categories, including expenses, goals, and savings.

This idea is that you become more intentional with your money when you’re made to actively decide what to do with it. Security is vital and is a priority whenever you link financial or personal information to third-party software.

YNAB employs very top high standard security and safety best practices to safeguard customers from bad money management. YNAB safeguards your personal and financial information through the latest encryption technology, login measures, and other security protocols.

The app includes access to a net worth report to track your financial health to make sure things are fine financially. Users have the option of selecting which linked accounts to include. The report displays your account balances and any debts you’re currently paying down. You can try the app by Download it here

  1. Personal Capital

This personal finance and wealth management application permits you to manage your assets and investments together with your everyday spending account.

You can sync your financial accounts in one place to plan for the future with the Retirement Planner, track your net worth, and use the Fee Analyzer to check portfolio fees.

This application safeguards your data with encryption, fraud protection, and robust authentication.

This application makes registered financial advisors available who can provide you with customized advice that fits your goals. 

This application also serves as a net worth tracker and portfolio breakdown. The app can be easily accessed using both Phone and desktop.

 If your initial goal is to prepare your spending and saving, you may want to go another route. This application’s budgeting features helped it make the top of the list of personal finance apps, but its investment tools are what make it more unique. Hence, we recommend you download the app here

  1. PocketGuard

PocketGuard is a unique personal finance app that gives users a holistic view of their expenses and cash flow to help save more money each month.

This app is very good for consumers who want a precise number to indicate their leftover money after expenses and bills. This app is designed for consumers to have better control of their spending and save more money each month.

 You link your credit and/or debit cards to the app to track all your purchases. From there, all of your purchases will also automatically upload and display.

 In addition, when the users fill out their profiles and details, this app serves users personalized offers on the same services at a lower rate on bills, such as cable and cell phone service.

 This application also tracks subscription services in your budget to help make sure that you don’t pay for something for what you didn’t use.

 These are important and unique features that can assist users in reducing their monthly bills. This personal finance application is equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption, similar to the same level of security many financial institutions use on their website.

This app is also secured with biometrics and a PIN code if your Phone ever falls into the wrong hands.

The central feature of PocketGuard is its pie chart reports.

The pie chart gives an excellent view of your expenses, indicating exactly how much each expense stands for. You can customize the report with personal spending categories inside the pie chart.

 The PocketGuard app is available for both iOS and Android, and you can download it here

  1. Honeydue

Honeydue is an interactive and awesome personal finance app where two people can manage household expenses together.

It gives couples the power to oversee and collaborate on all financial transactions and upcoming bills.

By using this app, couples can gain greater visibility into their finances, utilize a chat function to discuss issues that arise, track everything from bank accounts and loans to investments, and coordinate bill-paying.

 This app is designed for transparency, yet there is some privacy available within the app. If you want certain expenses to remain private, you can keep them assigned to yourself. You can easily download the app here

  1. Simplifi

This web-based personal finance app offers you fast and easy access to your financial accounts and real-time expense and income balances.

Simplifi, just like other financial apps, makes educated guesses about your expenses. You can change this, and when you do, matching entries can “learn” from this and be rightly classified in the future.

You can also set up two different kinds of rules. One automatically categorizes transactions that come in with a particular payee’s name. The other search for keywords you specify allows the transactions to the right payee.

You’ll also be able to classify and track your income. If you’re a W-2 employee and get regular paychecks for the same amount, Simplifi works great.

This app displays its intelligence in other ways, too. If you carefully document and keep a record of every transaction that came in during your first imports (and this is another reason to do so), you get instant feedback on your finances through your Spending Plan.

This personal finance application does an incredible job of showing you where you are and where you’ve been financial.

This app offers its Savings Goals feature. With the help of this app, you can create tracking records for goals, such as emergency funds, new cars, and vacations.

You simply name it and set up a target amount, then make an entry when you either increase or reduce the funds for another purpose. We recommend downloading this app here for fast, easy access to your financial account

  1. Digit

Digit is an impressive personal finance app that aims to take the effort off your hands by automating the work of saving and investing.

This app does the hard work for you by estimating the correct amount to input to achieve your financial goals.

This personal finance app gives the users a fully encrypted application. When your information is transmitted between Digit and your financial institution, it will also be encrypted.

Selecting funds to invest in can be overwhelming. With Digit, you don’t choose individual stocks.

The Digit app matches users with a different portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) according to the user’s risk tolerance and investing goals. This app also offers the ability to save for retirement with an IRA.

The app helps ensure that you don’t contribute more than what is allowed per year.

If your linked checking account is below a balance you state explicitly; you can have funds withdrawn from your Digit savings account to prevent withdrawal beyond what you have in your account.

Digit provides a simple experience for consumers that desire to achieve their financial goals, focusing on saving and investing.

Automation takes away the manual work, allowing users to passively reach the goals they are set for. You can download the app here.


Based on this writing, you can conclude that it is imperative that every individual plan and manage their finances using the top personal and finance and wealth management app to lead a happy life. 


Every individual needs to have a personal financial management app to meet their financial goals and obligation, help to retire in comfort, achieve financial freedom, make rational financial decisions and take advantage of every financial opportunity that comes their way. 

We are all not born with this knowledge, so it should be everyone’s responsibility to learn the strategies to plan and manage our finances as this does not only help to 

lead us to a happy life and contribute to the nation’s development in the long run.


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