Best skills to learn in Nigeria 2022

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Acquiring a skill is the initial step to becoming an entrepreneur or pro in the business. The skills you want to learn will generally rely on your area of interest; however, it can go far to be a source of income and finance in no distance.

Keeping that in mind, it now boils down to identifying which lucrative and best skills for you.

Best skills to learn in Nigeria 2022

Here in this article, we will highlight some of the best skills to learn in nigeria 2022. It will include top skills in high demand, which you can acquire in Nigeria.

 1. Tailoring

This is one of the most gainful skills a male or female can acquire or learn in Nigeria because we as Africans love our native wear.

Asoebi, Ankara, and agbada are very high many people even want suits made by their tailor to the already made ones in the market. So you see, the opportunity in the tailoring business is enormous. Imagine getting a contract to sew school uniforms for private school students.

Your imagination is as good as mine. You can get in touch with an apprenticeship agreement with a good tailor in your location to learn this high-demand skill.

There are also some fashion schools available for you to join in learning sewing.

2. Phone repairs

 Mobile phones are part of our everyday lives. The opportunity this trend has for a smartphone technician is mouth-watering.

All the phones being used by people will indeed develop one technical fault or the other one day. One can make approximately 15k daily from repairing phones in Nigeria. There are dozens of people making even more daily.

You can start to learn this skill and make incredible money because it is in high demand, and the market is massive and will continue to grow as mobile phone technology grows.

 More than a million video tutorials online explain how to repair almost all the standard and complex problems developed by mobile phones. You can decide to learn only the software part, which involves flashing, unlocking, upgrading, Etc.

 3. Playing musical instruments

 Your desired instrument can be purchased by yourself, and you can also engage in self learn with the help of online video and text tutorials.

A particular friend of mine is a full-time keyboardist; he does not have any other job and does not seem like he needs another one. He is living comfortably and OK from the money he makes from his craft. You, too, can make it in this field.

These skills can be Learned on youtube if you have your desired instrument at home, or You can also find an instrumentalist to take you at an agreed fee.

4. Carpentry

Furniture is one of the essential properties people spend their money on before other things. The skill is even more profitable now that foreign woods are popular in Nigeria and people spend much money on furniture.

 A fundamental design MDF Bedframe with two side drawers is around 90k in Lagos. My point is that there is real money in this business.

5. Hairdressing

 This skill is one of the skills that will never go out of efficacy in Nigeria. It is always in high demand no matter the number of people engaging in the business every year. The festive periods like Christmas, new year’s seasons are the hottest.

 It takes at least five months for some young ladies to Master and perfects these skills. Another good thing about this is that earnings are possible while you learn.

6. Web design skill 

Web designing is also very lucrative business ideas, and businesses now understand the need to showcase their products/services online. Developing this skill and being creative with your design can put food on your table.

Once you learn how to design a website, go out there, do your research, and look out for small businesses that are yet to have an online presence. Give them a chance to have their business online at a limited cost, do a great job, and have a professional website about your business.

Moreover, link back to your site showing you designed the site, do this for a few other businesses, and showcase your works on your site. If you are good and have lovely designs, you will start getting more job orders that can pay your bills.

7. Basic Microsoft excel 

This is one of the digital skills that would be most beneficial to you as a student. What is Microsoft excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft meant for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It entails calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, Etc.

If you have not learned the basic excel skills, You can start as soon as possible. If you have a passion for graphs and drawings, trust me will love it. If not, try still.

Common Excel keyboard shortcuts, as well as the use of cell references, styles, and data ranges, are all basic Excel skills. Different display choices, such as zooming in and out, showing formulas, and basic spreadsheet formatting, are also part of the Excel skillset. 

When a company is recruiting new hires, top employers prioritize candidates with Microsoft excel skills, among other things. So, learning this lucrative skill is a big deal for any intelligent student.


A blogging business is a profitable business only if done correctly. Some Bloggers make as much as a six-figure income monthly, while others make less or more. When you have enough knowledge in a particular niche, you alone can decide on your earning potential.

Nevertheless, to monetize well, you need to register your domain name and host your blog. That way, you will be limitless with options to monetize, either through affiliate marketing, ad networks, or the sale of online materials.

Read more: how to start niche blogging 2022.

 9. Cable tv installer

 It is another good skill that will cost you nothing to learn if you love Engineering or like playing with electronic tools. You can do this business on one side while you do other things.

Cable TV Installation is not hard to learn, and you could meet with Satellite Cable companies or their distributors and ask them to

recommend you mount the cable for new customers. This way, you do not only install it once, but there are big chances that you will be in charge of maintaining it.

 10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 The technique used by bloggers in making a website or an article more visible to move up the search list by google is known as Search Engine Optimization.

 This skill is in high demand as many companies try to attract organic views to their products and services available on their websites. Getting Google to direct persons interested in a topic to an article, website, or a particular page is what this skill all entails.

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11. Copywriting

 Copywriting is a business skill that involves the act or occupation of writing the text for the goal of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to raise brand awareness and eventually convince a person or group to take a particular action.

There are so many people out there who enjoy writing. We find ourselves in this present technological era; this interest can be transformed into income.

Copywriting involves developing good writing skills and selling them to clients who are interested in them. Copywriting may mainly be writing to increase brand awareness or writing concerning a particular product or service. It encompasses a wide variety of writing for which a person may be paid.

12. Photography

People always take pictures to keep the memory of events such as weddings, matriculation and birthdays, Etc. Photographers attend all of these events whether they are invited or not. This makes photographic skills a hot cake in Nigeria.

Conclusion of best skills to learn in nigeria 2022

Skills acquisition is essential, especially for undergraduates, before moving on from school.

Having these skills will give them some edge over others while looking for work. Also, employment opportunities will not be out of the way for someone with these skills. That is the size of this article as we have been able to list best skills to learn in nigeria 2022.


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