Business ideas for computer science students

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Are you a computer science graduate who wishes to work in the computer industry? Well, there are many business ideas for computer science students to start on their own.‎

Meanwhile, most of the business opportunities in the industry can be started by someone that does not have a computer science degree. However, in some cases, a computer science degree is required.

Here are 14 different business ideas for computer science students to start within the computer industry

1. Mobile App Development 

 The mobile app market is whizzing, and we have seen several startups merely becoming successful and profitable with innovative mobile apps. Prosperous and trending innovative mobile apps are trading apps like Stash, Acorn, and Robinhood. Thus, you can provide app development services to clients, and side by side, you can develop innovative apps and market them to become successful. Computer science graduates have various creative notions with them that they can give shape to market and sell through marketing.

2. Digital Application Designing 

 Application designing is a fantastic business idea for computer science graduates natural choice computer, science graduates. You can invent digital applications that can be provided to the intended customers as services. There is a very high demand for services in all the sectors of the digital world. At the same time, you can engage in web designing to maintain your business and get a regular flow of projects. Just like app development, the size for growth is endless.

3. Software Development 

There are business ideas for computer science students for an excellent market for selling offline software to digitize business. It is like a local business as you will receive orders from local shops to digitize them. Meanwhile, it also has to do with selling intelligent devices and setting up a network for offices. Conclusion: there are many scopes as it involves hardware vendors, software development as per the requirement, and innovative ones and provides a complete solution. It is rarely hazardous but worth taking a risk for a computer science graduate.

4. Games Development 

 However, it is a risky startup business idea for computer science graduates, but there is scope for exponential development. One can make app games, computer-based games, and forum-based games, which can be played on Facebook and various social media. The games have to be popular and addictive, and there must be preferences to reward the players, like coupon codes that they can cash in and likewise.

5. Online Recruitment Testing Service 

 Companies are outsourcing their recruitment criteria, and they prefer some screening tests to eradicate the majority and carry on with the chosen ones. Therefore, an online recruitment testing service can be beneficial for companies setting up an excellent standard for the industry. There will be no lack of clients in this space, and thus, a good startup idea for computer science graduates.

6. Customized Desktop Computers 

 Actual though laptops are heavily desired, there is also a growing demand for custom-made desktops and even branded desktop computers. You can create a company and sell your own branded and customized desktop computers as per the customers’ needs. There are no big players in this market area, and therefore, there is a considerable size for growth. 

7. Publishing Business 

 The publishing business has to do with designing logos, brochures, magazines, T-shirts, and likewise. It is an excellent business in terms of revenue, and you can start an e-commerce platform where you can sell logos and design stuff of sellers and take a commission. Instead of laboring in one, you should be open to a complete design solution.

8. Computer Security Solution 

Security is one of the most concerning things in the computer world. Most people have no idea what they should do and whether they are safeguarded. Therefore, there is a growing demand for a security service provider to provide a security solution for the network. Apart from that, you can also provide a security solution for the office. Moreover, you can develop a security solution for smartphones and online access. 

9. Digital Marketing Service 

 There is no business in the online world that can be successful without digital marketing. There are various digital services and solutions you can provide to any company for quick reach and growth. Social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, and email marketing. You need to provide more than just a marketing solution. Furthermore, you can provide analytics to the companies to help them decide as per the reports and analytics. Moreover, you can give social media managers marketing consultations and even provide content for marketing.

10.Tech Tutor 

 Tuition is another business idea for computer science students that’s always in demand, and if you can create a name around it, there is no turning back. You can earn the most with tuition service, and you can create a field for many people to educate others and pay them well. There are platforms like that which are doing great, and there is enough space for growth. You can provide the service in companies for training their employees, particularly the beginners. Apart from these, there are many other innovative startup ideas that computer science graduates can take up. Nevertheless, before starting, everything has to do planned and surveyed so that the idea turns out successful.

11. Software Programmer

 If you want a minor focus but still want to help create software programs, you can offer your services as a programmer to software firms and other companies that want to sell software programs.

12. Systemafé Operator

If you want to start a local business where you may not work with computers directly, you can open a café that offers WiFi to customers who come into the system

13. WiFi Café Operator

If you are interested in starting a local business where you may not work with computers directly, you can open a café that offers WiFi to customers who come in.

14. Customized USB Drive Selling

Customized USB drives are deemed valuable ways of promoting a product. USB flash drives inscribed or printed with the business logo, slogan, tagline, or message are very prominent corporate gifts. You must have intense designing and manufacturing skills to start this business.


So now you have the 14 most Lucrative Businesses ideas for computer science students in Nigeria.

There should be no more excuses; take a pick from the list above and try it.

If you have any questions or contributions that you would like to make, drop them in the comment section


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