15 Lucrative Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria 2022

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Nigerian ladies are not left out of the equation for making money. This article lists 15 business ideas for ladies in Nigeria who want to make money. The article will help you narrow down your skillset, what you want to do, and where you want to start.

This article is an attempt by me to put together some of the most lucrative business ideas for Nigerian ladies that I could think of to show them their potential and encourage them not to be discouraged by what’s around them.

Women who want to start their businesses need to act now. The market is favourable for them, and they can do extraordinary things. Women are often better at multi-tasking, which is one reason they make better entrepreneurs than men.

Each woman has different goals and needs. But the one thing that links them all is the need to make money. As a result, there are many business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, some of which are more suitable than others for whoever needs them.

After reading this introduction to Nigerian business ideas, you may inspire to start your business venture!

Ladies in Nigeria and anywhere in the world can use some business ideas in this article to make money and be more financially independent.

This section will explore some of the ideas and tips on how ladies can invest, start businesses, and make money on their own.

If you want to know more about business ideas for ladies and how to make money as a lady In Nigeria, stay tuned and read to the end of the post.

 1. Hair Salon

This is one of the most profitable businesses with low capital for ladies to start-up in Nigeria. Almost Every woman makes their hair once in a while; if you can open a hair salon business, you can’t run dry of patronage.

Starting a Hair Salon does not require a considerable amount of capital to set up; you can start a hair salon business on a small scale of 100 thousand naira and above.

You don’t necessarily have to be a hairdresser to start a hair salon. You can hire a hairdresser and place her on a monthly salary while she hands over all the income accrued at the shop to you.

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2. Selling Okrika Clothes

Meanwhile, due to the high cost of living in Nigeria, some Nigerians are now buying used clothes for themselves and their children.

You can start up this business by buying used clothes in a large quantity at Lagos or Cotonou and resell them at your neighbourhood or community markets at higher prices, resulting in profits for yourself.

Okrika clothes business does not require much capital to start if you have your shop or stall to sell the clothes. You can begin selling Okrika wears for a small amount of 10,000 nairas.

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3. Tutoring Business

This is the act of teaching or giving tutorials to students. Ladies can make money by providing tutorials to interested students who will pay them money to teach them.

You can give WAEC, NECO, JAMB, and POST UTME tutorials to interested candidates. Before organizing paid tutorials, one has to be an expert in any subject, e.g. Mathematics, English Language and more.

Ladies can start up tutorial centres for free and make more than 50,000 monthly depending on the tutorials fee and the number of students in the tutorial centre.

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4. Interior Design and Decoration

This involves refurbishing furniture, arranging and decorating nature and artificial flowers, decorating Ceramic tiles, and others that can make a home look beautiful. It also consists in decorating stages, chairs, tables, and halls for public events like birthday parties, weddings, child dedication parties, burials, and other outdoor events.

Ladies can learn the interior decorations in 6 months. After learning interior decoration, buy your materials and advertise yourself to potential clients. The more customers patronize you, the more money you make.

5. Event Planning

If you have organizational skills, you can start an event planning business by having an event centre and equipment. People who want to do their public events can hire your event centres.

Starting an event planning business might take a huge chunk of capital, like from 500k and above.

One good thing about event planning is that the business can’t lack customers as people are always organizing events, parties, and occasions regularly, especially on weekends.

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6.selling Skincare and beauty products.

Ladies are always interested in how well they look, so starting up a business specializing in selling skincare and beauty products like cream, artificial hair, Wigs, and other beauty projects loved by women.

To start this business, rent or buy a shop and buy beauty products at low prices from wholesalers and resell it at higher prices to women who want them.

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7 . Earn Money By Designing Websites

If you have knowledge of technology and have a computer, you can easily do a web designing course and start your own web designing business. There are many tutorials for this on the internet to quickly learn web designing.

Once you do, you can make money online as a lady in Nigeria by designing great websites for people and businesses.

 You will need a portfolio to showcase your designs, which you can easily make on Behance. There are websites like Upwork, and Fiverr that will help you find web designing jobs easily.

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8.Make Money With Copywriting

In simple words, copywriting is writing short-form content or ads copy for advertising and marketing purposes. Copy should be short, crisp, precise, and convey one or more ideas in a short form. It requires a lot of thinking, but it gives a chance to earn a lot of money.

If you are an expert in playing with words and want to make money – then digital copywriting is for you. Create a profile on Fiverr and Upwork and get paid for writing sales copies and ads copies for businesses.

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9. Baking and Pastries

It is one of the businesses that ladies in Nigeria can set up. It is the production of bread, cake, and pastries like chin-chin, Akara, Puff puff, meat pie, fish pie, and doughnuts.

Pastries are in high demand in Nigeria, and ladies can make huge amounts of money making pastries and selling them.

Huge capital is not needed to start this business, as one can even sell it by the roadsides, events, and ceremonies without having a shop.

10. Bead Making

Ladies can start a bead-making business in Nigeria with little or no capital. Bead necklaces, bead waistbands other bead products are highly sought after in Nigeria. Anybody who starts beads making business in Nigeria will surely make it.

It does not require much skill or creativity; you can learn it within two weeks. You can get patronage through word-of-mouth advertising and referrals from friends and Associates.

It’s one of the business ideas for Nigerian women that you can easily promote through word of mouth.

11. Boutique Store

The boutique store is one of the profitable businesses that ladies can set up in Nigeria. It is a clothing store that sells clothes, shoes, sandals and other clothing accessories.

You can start this business by buying designer clothes, shoes, etc., from Jumia, Konga, and other more prominent Boutiques and selling them at your Boutique Store and making profits.

One can start this business with 250,000 naira and above.

12. Restaurants and food joints

This is one of the businesses that ladies love doing. Many people like eating good foods. Both native and foreign recipes but do not have the opportunity to cook for themselves. You can make money by cooking and selling food to the public by cooking food dishes.

Ladies can start with a small amount of money on a small scale by selling the food as “Mama Put” or under a Batcher. If you have a huge capital, you can rent a house and use it as a restaurant or a fast food joint where you sell delicious foods.

If one does not have money to rent a shop to sell food, she can carry it in her wheelbarrow and sell it at occasions and events.

13. Virtual Assistance

This is another excellent  Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria. The work of a virtual assistant is similar to that of a personal assistant but is virtually done.

The work goes something like this:

  • To research,
  • Reply to an email,
  • Writing Content or Ads Copy,
  • Moderating Comments,
  • Answering customer’s calls,
  • Submitting Reports,
  • Giving customers advice and answering their questions,
  • Write reports and letters,
  • Live to chat with a client,
  • Accounting and bookkeeping roles,

You can do all these sitting in your bedroom with your Smartphone and laptop. Virtual assistant jobs can help you earn anywhere between $2 – 30 almost per hour when working with foreign clients. You can make 50k monthly if a Nigerian firm hires you.

 14 . Production of Liquid Soap:

Producing liquid soap is another lucrative business that Nigerian ladies can try. Liquid Soap is soap in a liquid form. You can use it for multi-purpose uses like washing clothes, plates, tiles, and even Cars.

15. Mini Importation

Mini importation is one booming business you should try as a lady. It is the importation of goods like clothes, handbags, shoes, cream, artificial hair, and other goods at cheaper rates from China, Vietnam, and other Western countries to sell in Nigeria.

It is easier to start mini importation in Nigeria on websites like 1688, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and their likes. Goods on those sites are very cheap, you can order for them, and they will be shipped to your address in Nigeria.

Making a 300% profit with mini importation is not surprising, so I think it is a very profitable business any lady can venture into.

Conclusion of Business Ideas for Ladies In Nigeria

We have come to the end of this post; you have seen 15 lucrative business ideas ladies can start in Nigeria. It is for you to choose any business you like to start up.

Do your research about any business you like and know the specific amount of capital to start it. We wish you good luck with any business you will choose to start.

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