22 Business Ideas For Teens

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Are a teenager is looking for business ideas for teens, then this post is for you as  I am going to list 21 business ideas you can start up in any part of the world and make money.

This business idea can be done as a side hustle for teens or full-time jobs for teenagers who don’t want to further their educational pursuits.

22 Business Ideas For Teens

You can do these business ideas offline or online with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

1. Instructional trainers

smooth business idea for teens is to grow to be an academic educated. All and sundry have precise capabilities, so whether you’re desirable at math, science, writing, or studying, you have the talents to teach a person else who may be suffering in that subject. An academic tutor can also assist with check prep for the sats, ACT, AP assessments, or other standardized tests.

2. Car washing

Everybody likes to have their cats clean, sparkling, and new. However, not everyone has the time to use to wash their cars.

A car washing business is simple to start; all you need is a bucket, gentle sponge, window cleaner, and elbow grease for polishing. This will be a nice weekend job for teens.

3. Baby care

A proven and tested business idea for teenagers is to start an infant care or babysitting business. At the weekends or maybe on days of the week after school, you can assist friends, family friends, and 9-5 workers by caring for their young kids. If you want to stand out from the competition, many communities offer neighborhood lessons on child care and babysitting.

4. Puppy sitting or dog walker

There’s no better way to get time with animals and begin a business than pet sitting or dog strolling for children who love animals.

Both of the business ideas will provide spare hours, and your clients will offer you all the materials you’ll need to take care of their dogs.

5. Garden care business

It is one of your teen’s chores to take care of the family garden; they already have the skills needed for this business. Via marketing their offerings around the neighborhood, they may be able to drum up a lengthy consumer listing, and a good time for garden care business is the dry season time. At the same time, the teenager could have enough time to clean and take care of the gardens and get paid.

6. Housecleaning

A child assisting his parents with household chores is likely to have been experienced with all the skills required for the housecleaning business.

House owners might be satisfied to pay a teenager to help them clean, mop, and dust their home.

7. Selling hand-crafted crafts.

Creative teenagers who are talented in making crafts can hone their abilities and make some cash by selling their crafts. You can sell your handmade crafts on Etsy, eBay, and Posh mark.

8. Creating greeting cards

one particular concept for a hand-crafted craft that teenagers can create and promote is greeting playing cards. Many humans are returning to handwritten greeting card notes. By developing handwriting designs or artistry, teens can sell their greeting cards to their friends, neighbors, and family without stress.

9. Art instructor.

The potential to attract, paint, or do another type of art is a talent, similar to being able to solve complex math equations. Young teenagers searching for an enterprise concept and business ideas have to consider starting a business as an art instructor.

They can provide instructions to peers or younger kids in the neighborhood about making artworks, art crafts, and painting.

10. Podcaster

A still pretty new and growing area is the podcast world. Like a blog, your teenager will need a passion for a specific topic and the capacity to develop a respectable following. Still, when they do, they can earn income by finding advertisers interested in putting advertisements on their podcasts.

The more people that watch your podcast, the more money you can make.

11. Create an app or online game.

Every person can create an app or online game nowadays consisting of teens. If your teen has an excellent idea and the technical ability to make it a reality, they could flip this into a business. You can then feature finished apps and games on numerous app stores, which gives you a percent of the profit to the app developer.

You can also get paid for developing apps for individuals and get paid.

12. Transcription

This involves transcribing audio to text. Audios you can transcript include songs, interviews, audiobooks, and any other type of audio available.

The only requirement for this is that you must own a laptop and be very fast at typing.

You can get paid from 15-30 per hour, depending on your clients and the job’s complexity. One can get transcription jobs at Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Lionbridge, etc.

13. Translation

Translation is the act of translating a language to another language or languages. If you can speak or write many languages, teenagers can make money translating languages for foreigners, both online and offline.

Websites to get translation jobs includes Upwork, Fiverr, Translate.com, Lionbridge, lathium.com, freelancer, etc.

14. YouTube

Creating a YouTube Channel is simple, and teenagers can make money uploading videos on their YouTube channels.

One can start posting videos on his or her passion or niche. Once you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours without copyright strike, you are eligible for a YouTube monetization program.

15. Liquid soaps

The capital to start a liquid soap business is not high; you can start a liquid soap business with as little as 10,000 nairas. You can make liquid soaps in your home and sell them to people to make cool money for yourself.

16. Snacks business

You can make many snacks with just 10,000 nairas and sell them to people to make cool money for yourself.

17. Pure water business

You can start selling bags of pure water; you can buy them in small quantities and distribute them to shops to make a profit for yourself.

The good thing about this business is that people drink water every day. They will patronize you very well if you are a good seller.

18. Selling of fruits

You can sell all kinds of fruit in the market, like banana, pawpaw, and watermelon, to make cool money. This business is very profitable because people buy fruits every day; people around you will patronize you very well if you are in an open place and a developed area.

19. Phone accessories:

You can sell many kinds of phone accessories to make cool money for yourself; you can buy phone chargers, earpieces, and phone packs at cheaper rates and sell them in the market to make a profit.

20. Snail Business.

Snail business is one of the underrated but lucrative businesses that people don’t know about. It is also one that requires little capital. Each matured snail costs between N200 to N700, depending on the size.

If you want to start a snail business, the first thing is to decide which snail species you want to farm. After you then look for a space that you will rare them – you don’t necessarily need to rent a shop or any big space. Just look for a warm place around your house or compound.

Then proceed to buy the snails with just a little money. Snails are vegetarians and so you ou can feed the snails with vegetables such as paw, banana, cabbage, vegetable leaves and so on.

When the snails are matured for selling, you can start selling them.

You have to advertise your snails using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can waybill, the snail, to people even in other states and start making money.

21. Recharge card business.

We can all agree that millions of people buy recharge cards every day. Network providers are not the only people that make money from recharge cards.

Recharge card printing and reselling is one of the simple businesses that you can start with very little capital. You can become a recharge card reseller with just a little money. Though the gains per sale may not be much, selling huge amounts of recharge cards will fetch you money.

22. Food vendor.

Many people do not usually have the luxury of time to cook their food, so they mostly buy their food outside. Selling food around your neighborhood is one of the simple ways of making money. You don’t have to own a shop before starting a food vendor business.

All you need is a space where you can set up your items. You might need an umbrella or a mini tarpaulin for your customers to sit under. After getting a space, you will buy some items such as plates, spoons, etc.

After this, proceed to buy your food items and start cooking. As long as your food is delicious, getting customers won’t be a problem. Also, ensure that your environment is clean, and you should neatly package your food.


If you’re looking to help your teen one to make a little money, those 22 business ideas for teens may be a notable area to start. By starting a commercial business, teenagers get a jump on choosing a business idea.

These businesses can be done as side hustles while studying, as students can make money while undergoing their education.


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