29 Easiest business to start in Nigeria

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You may find lots of business ideas on the internet. Much of what is suggested is, at best, challenging to do.

Many small business ideas in Nigeria, on the other hand, have proven to be easy to start.

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The easiest business to start in Nigeria.

Here are the 29 easiest businesses to start in Nigeria that might make you millions by 2023 if performed appropriately.

1. Start blogging business

Are you looking for ways to make money while you sleep? The ideal business to start is a blogging business in Nigeria.

When you do the necessary things to have a successful blog, your blog/website can make you a millionaire and gain you some fame.

Some studies show that people like Linda IkejiOmoyele SoworeUche Eze PedroMakinde Azeezetc. They have have made millions of dollars from the blogging industry, all from their comfort zone with a laptop and access to the internet, and you can be the next on the list of successful bloggers in Nigeria.

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2. Start cleaning services

One of the easiest business to start in Nigeria that can make you a millionaire in the next few years is starting a professional cleaning service company.

By starting this business, you are to make sure that the environment of your customer or neighborhood which gives you work is free of refuse and uncluttered, and the work done is not limited to the environment. It includes cleaning glasses, trimming flowers, clearing bushes, laundry services, cleaning the swimming pool, car-washing, etc.

In addition, you can easily start cleaning services without being an expert. All you are to do is to buy the necessary equipment that is needed and employ 2 to 5 workers to get the job done when your company services are needed.

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3. Start a beauty salon

Starting a beauty salon your client satisfaction should  be you number one thinking. Making your client satisfied will make them come often and often and will even make some of your customer refer you to some that need a beauty salon services.

If you want to satisfy your customers, it is advised that you make the salon a one-stop solution for anything related to beauty. We recommend you make it a unisex salon.

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4. Daycare business

It is an easy Business to start in Nigeria involves taking care of toddlers. Anyone who loves kids can do this business.

You are responsible for taking kids from 5 years and below from busy parents who don’t have much time to spend with their kids.

Parents can hire you privately, or you start up a daycare center.

5. Drycleaning business

This is one of the lucrative business ideas to start in Nigeria. Many people are too busy to wash their dirty clothes.

You can even charge 300 nairas per cloth and be making profits.

6. Wine Bar

Wine are consumed at wedding, parties, club, and Restaurants.

A wine bar will be a profitable business to venture into; you can be supplying wine to events, occasions, clubs, and hotels.

Wine bars should be located in a place where wildlife is active.

7. Mobile Car Wash

A car Wash is one of the easiest businesses to start in Nigeria. It is not a complicated business idea as it is easy to set up.

It would be best if you sited a car wash along the roadside. People who are busy and too rich to wash their cars will pay you for washing their cars at your car wash.

8. Transport business

You can start this business if you have a vehicle.

This business is easy and flexible to do; you need to hire a driver or drive it yourself.

9. Phone Repairs

Almost Everyone has a phone, so it is certain that every phone will one day develop faults one time or the other so that you will have huge patronage from customers.

10. Jewelry business

if you have a reliable supplier who can supply jewelry in bulk, you can start selling jewelry like wristwatches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and chains to people who need them.

There are a lot of people who are willing to buy your jewelry. The most suitable to locate your jewelry shop is in cities or streets where rich men reside.

11. Recharge card business

It is one of the easiest business to start in Nigeria. Anyone can start a recharge card business regardless of their location. Selling recharge cards can be done with or without a shop.


Podcasts are audio or video recordings that may be listened to online or downloaded. Podcasts, like blogs, can be monetized in a variety of ways.

You may offer premium episodes, accept sponsorships, and create paid membership tiers.

A podcast is a terrific passion project and business concept if you enjoy interviewing people. You may develop a deep connection with your audience, alias potential clients, by bringing up relevant, inspiring dialogues.


A successful one-person team is the foundation of a large organization. Depending on your expertise, you can work as a freelancer and eventually employ a team to aid you with a bigger burden.

You can earn more money if you have more clients and assignments. Of course, it’s best, to begin with, a lower burden!

14. Create and Market Digital Items

People of all ages love digital products like ebooks, photos, apps, and software tools. They make everyone’s life easier!

You can produce digital products whether you’re a coach, writer, consultant, or any other type of professional. Every virtual product has its own set of platforms.


Do you want to improve people’s lives? Working from home and earning money as an internet consultant is achievable! Establish a recognized consulting firm to share your experience.

Remember that networking is an important aspect of this business, so steadily expand your network and meet new people.

16. Start A Tutoring business

Do you have any musical skills, such as playing the guitar or any other instrument? What about learning a language that isn’t your native tongue? If you excel at anything, you can start a tutoring business to share your knowledge with children and adults.

You can make a lot of money if you use the appropriate method and have a nice teaching process. It’s also convenient because it may be completed both online and offline.

17. Virtual Assistant

Individuals and corporations can use a virtual assistant for remote support and help. Some companies provide writing, proofreading, and web research services.

Others offer email management and website development. Consider your areas of competence and what you like doing. There are numerous virtual aid options available to you.


Make and sell handcrafted jewelry, candles, purses, and other goods online. There’s no need to start big! Begin your business with a passion project. Tell your friends about it and promote it on various social media channels.

This may not appear to be a million-dollar enterprise at first glance, but you may make thousands of dollars with the correct approach, adequate employees, and funding.

19. Agricultural Farm

You can always run a profitable agricultural farm by investing a reasonable amount of money. Examine your marketplaces and sell your manufactured goods following customer requests.

20. Mushroom Farming Business

This is one of those businesses that can make you good cash in just a few months.

The mushroom farming business requires low capital to start and also maintain it. In addition, you need a little knowledge of mushroom farming.

21. Poultry Farming

This is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable agribusinesses currently in the country and worldwide.

If you want to make a successful agribusiness career, poultry farming is the best option. It will automatically transform your life.

22. Fish Farming

This refers to the raising of fish commercially in either tanks or ponds in exchange for producing food. It is also one of the most profitable sectors for a farmer.

You can do it at any time of the year because it requires modern techniques and moderate capital investment, unlike other agribusiness ideas.

23. Flour Milling

Flour milling needs to be more creative. Establishing your brand products and making more profits is the main aim.

This can be done either on a small or large scale as long as it generates profit.

24. POS business

This business mainly involves depositing and withdrawing money through POS machines.

It attracts many customers as many people are moving into digital money transfers that are secure and reliable.

25. Hardware involves the sale of construction materials such as cement and iron sheets, both wholesale and retail.

A strategic location with frequent customers will attract huge profits daily. This business is advantageous because construction activities are not seasonal and, thus, an all-year-round flow of customers.

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26. Butchery business

Butchery business involves the sale of all kinds of consumable animal and bird products such as beef and pork to customers.

A strategic location with a high population is the main reason behind any successful butchery business.

27. Bakery business

Bakery business involves the sale of wheat flour products such as cakes, loaves of bread, and cookies at both wholesale and retail prices.

A continuous supply and quality are the main factors behind the low or high demand for the products.

It is very important that one establishes his or her loyal customers and works hard to maintain them for increased profits.

28. Electronics Repair Shop

This business involves repairing faulty laptops, Television, Radio, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, and Home Theaters. Electronic repair shops are very lucrative as people bring their electronics for repair.

29. Food Delivery/Restaurant organizations

Most think about cooking pressure and scarcely cook their dinners by a long shot. Individuals should continue to eat regardless of the money-related circumstance of any country and, in any event, favor transport to their homes. Hence, you truly need to prepare for genuine business and mind-blowing pay.


I have listed the 29 easiest businesses to start in Nigeria. These businesses are so easy and simple to set up. Choose any business ideas and set up, and start making money.

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