12 Fashion business ideas

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Are you looking for fashion business ideas to start in 2022 and want to be niche and unique? The Fashion industry is one of the most thriving businesses to engage in as a business venture. It is continuously unfolding and becoming an outstanding industry worldwide. 

The business ideas that you can venture into in the fashion industry are endless, and it’s not a compulsion to invest a giant amount. The success of your story differs on interest, commitment, and expertise. 

A person who’s eager to manage a fashion setup must acquire a sense of fashion and fluctuation of market trends regarding tech accessory startups.

Fashion business ideas

In this article, we shall explore the list of some top profitable and lucrative fashion business ideas you can start up within and outside Nigeria. They are listed below 

1. Online T-shirt business 

A t-shirt business can be an excellent online fashion business idea for a self-starter who enjoys keeping up with trends. Business owners should be endowed with both creative and artistic skills and technical know-how when it comes to selecting the best printing techniques. Some previous business experience is helpful but not needed. 

Starting an online t-shirt business can have very little overhead, particularly with so many high-quality print-on-demand services today. 

Many can be started with little more than a few great design ideas. Many choose to remain entirely online, but some of the most successful t-shirt businesses have also widened into the retail market. While many businesses will remain small, some of the most successful ones bring in over 100 million dollars in annual sales. 

2. Children & Adult Apparel Designing

Fashion business ideas for kids are an incredible way to develop a command of costume design. It’s best to design a costume as a sample at a low cost. Then you may also modify the draft for adults’ costume designing concerns. 

It doesn’t make too much difference because you may amend the outlook regarding age suitability. 

Whether you’re about to start dress designing for both kids and adults, the mindset of being unique and popular is becoming more common in all ages day by day. So, all you’ve to do is feel free about the scope. 

3. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is another fashion business idea involving designing and manufacturing jewelry using hands, which is getting famous these days. Raw materials such as laces, pearls, stones, threads, etc., are used for handmade jewelry in looping, twisting, and designing it. 

The craze of wearing handmade jewelry among the female fashion community is commendable; because it provides a great opportunity to use the home business ideas with a small investment to produce a promising net profit. 

4. Starting a Boutique Store

Opening a boutique is one of the most profitable and trending fashion business ideas. If you want to establish a boutique store, there’s a need to have a valid investment plan. 

You may earn good revenue also from a small shop. Still, you have to use entrepreneurial skills by selecting a convenient location, appealing atmosphere, quality, and cost-effective products. Your desire to manufacture the products may cut down most of the expenses. 

An outlet is just to display your product which explains the whole thing. It’s the era of brands, and people highly consider the validity of a company.

Contrarily, a quality product and the latest designs with the robust advantage of market-rate influence sales a lot. 

5. Starting an Online Clothing Store

Online shopping is another amazing fashion business idea and is now worldwide well-known in the marketplace.

Many People are very much interested in shopping online. It’s easy to start a fashion line by developing and polishing technical skills and investing substantial capital. 

Online stores are becoming more valid and worthwhile among the masses who label them with trendy shopping.

Many online platforms give sellers opportunities to establish their business and expand their apparel business successfully. 

6. Starting a Jeans & Leather Garment Marketing Business

Professional experience in the garment marketing business is very important to dealing with jeans and leather fashion establishments. However, lack of experience doesn’t confine one to stay away from this line; because it has to do with interest and hard work to develop a command. 

In modern times, jeans are considered a crucial part of casual and informal wear, whereas leather garments motivate buyers’ choices in peak season.

If jeans products have been demanded the whole year, leather also maintains its sales higher most of the year. So, this is one of the fashion business ideas that will undoubtedly lead your setup towards progress. 

7. Embroidery Unit Setup

In the garment adornment industry, embroidery is a very valued work to strengthen versatility and grace. An expert who can feel the pulse of this art may establish a training center to teach or partner with other dress designers devoted to hiring such services. 

Designing and decorating dresses go side by side with each other in the best fashion startups. No wonder the embroidery service has a great hold to encompass a beneficial business that can lead towards a successful venture. 

8. Import & Export of Fashion Products

With a few tips and tricks and small knowledge of marketing, one can also go ahead with the crucial indicators of all the products directly relevant to the fashion and glamour industry like shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, garments, etc.

On the contrary, the exportation of handicrafts made by local people will help bring closure to a huge amount of profit margins. 

The type of work differs in investing capital. Still, one also goes ahead with the intuitive idea that you could start with a low investment, and even after taking the profit out of the amount, you should be able to expand the business at ease. 

9. Rental Costumes

The business of rental costumes is one of the amazing fashion business ideas. It’s a side business that can easily be set up as a home business.

It may increase self-rewarding while running a boutique store because it’s an extraordinary way of promoting a product. 

Getting costumes on rent retains its size due to the demand of function organizers in academic institutes, theaters, for wedding purposes, and more. 

10. Target Fashion through Blogging & Social Media

Along with a passion for startup fashion, if you have a spark to examine and write about the scenario of the fashion industry, which aims to comprehend the technicality of the Internet and fashion size, you may start your blog.

Yes, it’s very difficult to break, ad it gives a hard time to competitors, but being in full swing on social media will increase your ratings. 

The Internet now serves as an agent worldwide and the best platform to display your entrepreneurial skills. You must feel free and be ready to start an online business with your fashion niche. 

11. Fashion Magazine

You can consider starting your fashion magazine if you are an enthusiastic writer. Generally, fashion magazines cater to many areas.

However, originally, you can start catering to a niche audience. The business requires strategic planning and moderate capital investment. One can earn revenue from subscriptions and advertisements. 

12. Jewelry Making

This is another great fashion business idea that one can start from home. Your products can be sold online as an individual and a jewelry maker.

The craft jewelry market is very popular. And people prefer costume jewelry because of its large variety, beautiful designs, low cost, and durability. 


The fashion industry is indeed a very competitive industry; every clothing line and shoe designer must ensure that they are always on their toes and in touch with the trend if indeed they want to continue to be in business.

The bottom line is that successful fashion designers have a thorough grasp of the market, and they know how to meet their needs or cajole them into accepting what they have to offer; they are always creative and flexible.

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