how to start goat farming in nigeria

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Are you interested in starting up a goat farming business? This post is for you as I will reveal to you how you can start a profitable goat farming business in Nigeria.

Goat farming is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses ones can start in Nigeria, and goat meats are highly demanded all over Nigeria as restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs use goat meats to entertain their customers.

Although goat farming in Nigeria is widespread, most goat farmers only rear goats for their meat consumption, not for commercial purposes.

Commercial goat farming is one profitable business that will generate huge ROI annually. Apart from meats, goats also provide milk, fibre, skin, cheese, Yoghurt, and manure which you can sell to make more money.

Advantages of Starting A Commercial Goat Farming business in Nigeria.

1. Little capital is required to Set up

Goat farming doesn’t need huge money to start, as one can start a goat farming business with about 100,000 to 150,000 naira. It is simple and easy to start business and does not require many rigorous processes to set up. 

2. Easy and simple to start business

goat farming is an easy business as anyone can start up this business, as aged and young, educated and uneducated, men and women can take care and manage the goats. Goat farming does not require much labor or strength as it is easy to do.

3. Can be used as a side hustle

Salary earners can start a goat farming business as a side hustle to supplement their earnings. Goat farming does not take too much time as you can be doing your job and caring for your goats when you are chanced. 

4. Seasons affect it

Goat farming, unlike other agricultural businesses, is not affected by seasons and weather. Goats are reproduced and sold during rainy and dry seasons.

It does not have any particular season when it is profitable but at all times and seasons.

5. It is in high demand

Goat meats are highly demanded in Nigeria and foreign countries like the U.K, U.S.A, Germany, Nepal, and France.

Goats meat is highly sought after as people buy goats as meats for their consumption, weddings, burials, events and religious celebrations, etc. Goat skins and fibres are sought after by clothing companies to produce clothes, shoes, belts, etc.

Goat feces, another by-product of goats, are used as manures by Farmers to grow their crops.

6. Low risk

Goat farming is one business that does not involve huge risks, such as the probability of loss in goat farming. The only thing that can cause you to lose money in goat farming is if your goats keep dying, which is a rare occurrence. If you are looking for a business that will give you steady profits, goat farming is for you.

7. Huge profit margin

Goat farming is a sure business that can give you 250% and above profits, if well planned. 

You can sell a goat in Nigeria from 30,000 to 120k, depending on the breed of goats you are farming. A goat can reproduce 3 to 5 kids yearly, resulting in more profits.

8. Does not require big space

goat farming can be done on a small land. It does not need much space to start up. 

Disadvantages of Goat farming business 

Every business has its advantages, and so also has goat farming. Here are the disadvantages of starting a goat farming

1. Scarcity of green pastures: goats mainly eat green grasses and plants, and some areas don’t have dry green pastures. 

2. Thieves and Robbers: This is another disadvantage of goat farming. If you don’t have secured fences, thieves can break into your pens and steal your goats, especially during Christmas and Easter celebrations.

3. Scarcity of goat feeds: unlike chicken feeds, there is a scarcity of goat feed as major agro feed production companies just major in producing only Chicken feeds.


4. Nonavailability of veterinary doctors: starting a goat farming in a rural area with no veterinary doctor will negatively affect your goat farming business. Few veterinary doctors in Nigeria are overwhelmed by many animals and pets.

Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Goat Farming business.

Location: This is one paramount factor you can consider before setting up a goat farming business. Some areas are not suitable for rearing goats. A conducive place for rearing goats should have green pastures as goats love eating grasses and plants. 

Capital: The amount of money available as capital determines the type and breed of goats you are willing to rear. Some breeds of goats are more costly to train than others. 

Nearness to market: it Is one major factor you should consider so that you wouldn’t have difficulties when transporting your fully grown goats to the markets. Your goat’s pastures should not be far from the market nearest you.

Availability of a Veterinary doctor: you need a veterinary doctor near you in case of anytime your goats get ill to treat them. Never open a goat farming business where there is no veterinary doctor around. You need a veterinary doctor to give your goats drugs and vaccination to cure their ailments.

Fresh and clean water: you need fresh water to sustain your goats. Goats like water, so one needs to have a source of water near your goat pastures.

How to start goat farming in nigeria 

1. Acquire a good pasture: select a good grazing pasture with different realities of grasses.

Goats like grasses, so select a pasture with fresh grasses. Buy an area of land with grasses, foliage, and grains for the goats.

2. Select the breed of goats you wish to farm: we have different types of goat breeds globally; it is up to the individual to choose their favorite breed to rear. Examples of goat breeds you can breed in Nigeria are Nubian, Maradi, Boer, Nigerian dwarf, and Saneen. Goat breeds differ from size to size, and some breeds are more giant than others; some breeds eat grasses that other breeds don’t eat. There are breeds of goat that are more expensive to maintain than others. Choose the breed you want, and make you have the adequate facilities and training processes to take care of the goats. If you are confused about the type of breeds you should train, consult any experienced goat farmer for advice on the best and most profitable breeds to have.

Fencing: Fencing is required to prevent the dogs from running out and protect the goats from predators like wolves, bears, boars, coyotes, and roving dogs. 

Fencing also helps protect them against thieves who want to steal them. Fencing help prevents goats from roaming about to eat other people’s crops and plants.

Construct a short perimeter fence with preferably barbed wire of about 1.5 meters high to secure the goats.

Housing: After choosing the breed of goats to venture into, the next step is housing to shelter the goats. Keep your goats in clean and well-ventilated pens, always make your pens neat, and ensure your goat pens has adequate spacing as goats like moving around.

Use straws and grasses as their bedding.

Feeding: Giving your goat high-quality and nutritious food will enhance the maximum growth of your goats. Successful goat breeders recommend giving your goat meals with at least 12 to 14% protein content. Apart from giving them grasses, please provide them with protein-filled feeds with vitamins. 

Make sure urea is not involved in their food. Give them enough hay or abundant green foods.

Add food supplement elements like vitamins, salts, and minerals to enhance the nutrients in their meals.

Provide clean and fresh water for your goats.

Create green pastures for your goats, and this will help reduce food costs and make your goats strong and healthy.

How lucrative is goat farming? Goat farming is very profitable as there are many opportunities to sell goats both in Nigeria and in other countries like the UK, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

You can sell a goat weighing 100 pounds for 200$ in the international goat meat. 

Goat farming is very lucrative as it does not require huge equipment and systems to set up. With the increase in the cost of goats, you can sell a fully grown goat from 40k to 90k. Goat price differs from breed to breed and from place to place. 

How much can you start goat farming in Nigeria: if you want to start commercial goat farming in Nigeria, you should start with at least 15 goats. 

With about 100 to 150k, anyone can start a commercial goat farming business. With 150k, you can purchase some goat breeds, pastures, and feeds.

One can start with little money and scale it up as your profits increase.


I have revealed to you all the steps you should take before starting goat farming in Nigeria. Goat farming is very lucrative if you follow all the steps listed in this article. 

Buy the necessary equipment to start a successful goat farming business and have patience as goat farming will take up to 2 years before seeing huge profits.

Consider all essential facts before starting goat farming so your goat will be successful and profitable.

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