11 Investment opportunities in Nigeria

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Are you looking for profitable investment opportunities that you can explore In Nigeria? Then you are on the right page. As the most populated black nation on earth, Nigeria is glutted with investment opportunities that are capable of making you a million

From agriculture to medicine and health, these investment opportunities has brought lots of profits for investors and residents of Nigeria

No matter the size of your budget, there are opportunities you can invest in. From as little as thousands to billions of naira. You can invest in Nigeria and expect a good return on your investment. In this article, we are going to list some of the most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria for low-income and high-income earners as well as foreign investors. Below are some of the top investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can leverage to secure a rigid financial framework.

Our 11 Investment opportunities in Nigeria

1. Stock
2. Agriculture
3. Real Estate
4. Cryptocurrency
5. Manufacturing industry
6. Oil and Gas
7. Gold
8. Food
9. Technology
10. Mining
11. FGN Savings Bonds


1. Stock


Investing in stocks is one of the most and the easiest profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria. The stock market is an online world where investors buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies.

Many of these companies are publicly traded, which means people from outside can invest in them and become shareholders. In Nigeria, the most acceptable channel of trading is through the Nigerian Stocks exchange.

There are various good companies that one can invest money into and buy shares from them and watch them grow into something huge.

If this is carefully done, investing in equities can give an incredible return. Profit from equity investment is not only in form of capital appreciation but also comes in dividend and scrip issues or bonuses.

So, if you’re looking for investment opportunities in Nigeria, a stock investment should be at the top of your list.

2. Agriculture


This may sound somewhat, but I tell you there is so much money to be made in investing in Agriculture if you go big into it. The Agricultural sector is putting up a new set of millionaires from farming in Nigeria and the trend will continue as the government at all levels continue to drive agriculture as a way of diversifying the economy.

Some of the Sub Sectors that are open to investment include

  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Cassava,
  • Beans
  • Plantain
  • Pineapple, etc

Livestock production which includes poultry, pig, and snail as well as fish farming will continue to thrive. If you don’t wish to engage in Farming but are more interested in the money that comes from it, you may adopt indirect farming by investing money in the organizations that have the expertise and are mostly engaged in large-scale farming.

All these companies make use of your money to carry out all the processes and give you profit from your investment periodically and at the end upon maturity,

So, Agriculture is one of those you should go for if you are looking out for investment opportunities in Nigeria with little risk and high profit.


3. Real Estate


Real Estate is one of the top profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria. This is a result of the booming population and a large number of migration from minor to major cities such as Abuja and Lagos. Investment in real estate in major cities can be very lucrative for investors.

Some available opportunities include low-cost housing, supplies of building materials, hotels, shopping complexes, and many more. There are many areas where you can invest in real estate and make a very big profit.

If you’re looking for a safe place to put your money, a real estate investment is the way to go.


4. Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is one of the most valuable investment opportunities in Nigeria, and millions of people have profited from the volatile nature of this industry, while others have lost all of their funds.

You may invest in cryptocurrencies for as low as N5000 and profit handsomely using a reliable trading broker such as Roqqu, binance, and others.

If you have a good understanding of the crypto market, it’s simple and profitable. Many average people have become millionaires as a result of investing in cryptocurrency.

5. Manufacturing industry


Nigeria is one of the countries that over-depends largely on importation for the smallest of things that you may never think of. This is not a good thing for the largest economy in Africa. As the economy continues to thrive, there is a need to produce many goods and services locally. The manpower is there.

An investment in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector will produce a good result, Create employment opportunities and boost the economy. Consecutive governments have frequently called for investment in the manufacturing sector.

Small household items such as toothpicks are mostly imported into Nigeria. There are lots of essential things to manufacture: Food items, water (table and sachet), fiber cables, telecommunication equipment, fashion, and the list is long.


6. Oil and Gas


The Oil and Gas sector is what Nigeria depends on. Both foreign and local investors can invest in the Oil and gas sector in Nigeria and watch their investments grow.

Here are some areas investors can invest in in the oil and gas sector

Exploration and Exploitation
Products Marketing
Well Services
Petroleum transportation
Development of local alternatives for imported items such as medium pressure valves, pumps, shallow drilling equipment, drilling mud, bits fittings, drilling cement, detonators, steel castings, magnetic tapes, and more.

Production of LPG cylinders, valves, and regulators, installation of filling plants, retail distribution, and development of simple, flexible, and much less expensive gas burner to encourage the use of gas instead of wood and other fuels refining.
Creating an industry to produce chemicals and Solvents from natural gas, such as Chlorinated methane, Formaldehyde, and others

Creating plants for the production of refined mineral oil, petroleum jelly and grease, and others


7. Gold


Gold as an investment opportunity in Nigeria is very good because its value never falls. If you have 15-karat gold today, it will still be 15 karats even after 20 years; however its worth might have increased tens of thousands fold over that period.

Gold is another investment opportunity in Nigeria. To be able to trade in gold products, you must first be familiar with the basics of doing the Gold business.

You must be acquainted with the knowledge of how they are measured, weighed, and valued. You must also know where to source from and how to recognize original gold for investment.


8. Food


Food is another amazing investment opportunity in Nigeria as there’s no way we would survive and thrive without giving our body the required nutrients it demands and since this is an unavoidable fact, investing in food is one of the lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria

To grasp profitable traits in the food industry, you can establish a manufacturing company, set up a local restaurant as well as be involved in drink production.


9. Technology


Investing in technology is one of the best practices in this century. Technology dominates everything that we do. According to statistics, there are over 76 million Nigerians who use the internet.

Nigeria is struggling with so many problems that technology can help solve at ease. There are various ways in which technology can make life better.

Investing in technology companies or building one yourself remains one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can think of.

Recently, Fintech has been trending in Nigeria. But there are many other aspects of tech!

10. Mining


This is one of the lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can consider starting with less than 200k. Mining importation is one business you should consider right away.

With as little as 200,000 Naira, you can start importing products from China down to Nigeria with only your mobile phone and make at least 50%-120% profit depending on your niche in a short while.

Many of the resources in Nigeria are untapped and the government of the country has continued to indicate its readiness to cooperate with investors who want to get in.

Some resources include:

Iron metal

11. FGN Savings Bonds

It is a retail investment scheme that is set up to provide Nigerians at all income levels the opportunity of contributing to national growth and development by lending money to the federal government. It is also intended to make savings desirable to the average Nigerian.

This is considered a very safe investment opportunity in Nigeria because it has the full backing of the Federal government of Nigeria.

You can invest starting from N5,000 to N50,000,000 for a period of two to twenty years. The interest you earn on each investment depends on the duration.




To fabricate a robust financial future and ensure financial independence, it’s imperative to invest in untapped investment opportunities.

Whether you have a huge capital to seal your investment deals or you have just only a few thousand nairas to spare, you can make a selection from the above list of profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria and start your investment journey right away.

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