Top 27 Offline Business Ideas In Nigeria

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Here are 27 offline business ideas in Nigeria; one can start up to earn a living for yourself. We live in an era where inflation is rapidly increasing income. In recent years, inflation has affected everything essential: food, housing, healthcare, transportation and education, among others.

People with regular, fixed incomes find insufficient earnings to run a household. Being unemployed is a luxury few people can afford. Given this scenario, it is best to open a home-based, small or medium enterprise to increase your income or make a decent living due to the current incentives and facilities offered to budding entrepreneurs.

What do you need?

Starting your own business sounds quite exciting. However, it takes a lot of careful planning, study, and effort. Here are some basic requirements to become an entrepreneur.

  • Adequate skill in a particular area.
  • Interested in improving your product or service.
  • Sufficient finance is needed to seed the business.
  • All the hurdles are faced until the company starts paying dividends.
  • Substantial money from savings, family and friends, crowdfunding, venture capital or bank loans.
  • Appropriate licenses from government authorities to give legitimacy to your enterprise.

These essentials mixed with an entrepreneurial spirit can help you start a great business from home or with proper infrastructure, depending on the nature of your venture.

Offline Business Ideas In Nigeria

If you are looking for a business idea to start-up in Nigeria offline, read further to the end to know offline business ideas in Nigeria. Those offline businesses are businesses you can do in your physical shops.

1. Food Truck or Food Cart

If you haven’t noticed, food trucks and food carts are more than just hot dog and burger stands now. Many are on the cutting edge of excellent cuisine in the cities they operate. If you can cook and drive and don’t mind putting in some long hours, you can have a successful business in the portable-restaurant space.

If you can afford it, go for running a food truck. Be aware that a car that can accommodate a mobile restaurant could put a serious dent into your budget. But you can consider buying a used one or financing or leasing a new one. You’ll also need local licenses for food service and money for fuel and advertising, so tread carefully.

If you can’t afford an entire truck, consider a cart. You can still move it around, but you might need to offer pre-prepared food instead of freshly cooked food. Still, placed in the right neighbourhood for a day or an afternoon, a cart could do some good business.

Food trucks are top-rated but pay attention to licensing laws.

To get customers, you’ll need to go where people are. Check the schedule for local fairs, festivals and cultural and sporting events, particularly anything happening outdoors. Do what you have to gain entry to those events. That’s how you’ll get yourself in front of the public. Alternatively, consider setting up a route to local office parks.

From there, it’s just a matter of making great food and offering excellent service. When word about your mobile restaurant gets around, you’ll be able to park in front of offices for a day or target busy neighbourhoods. Become a fixture on the local scene, and you won’t even have to move around anymore—people will come to you.

2. Car wash

A car wash is a place where cars are washed. Starting a car wash along a roadside in any urban area in Nigeria is a profitable offline business idea in Nigeria guaranteed to make substantial profit turnovers.

Starting a car wash requires you to have some car washing tools and hire someone who will wash your clients’ cars in your car wash.

3. Poultry

Rearing chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls and other poultry birds for cash is one of the offline business ideas in Nigeria you should try.

Poultry is a lucrative business idea, especially during Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations. One can buy a week old chick and train it till it becomes mature for eating. A Mature chicken can cost between 5,000 to 8,000 naira depending on the chicken’s size.

To start poultry on a large scale, you need to have a capital of at least 100,000 to build poultry and buy baby chicks, fertilizers, water and drugs.

Read more: how to start poultry farming in Nigeria in 2022.

4. Real Estate Agent

It would be best to have a mobile phone and a contact network to enter the business as an estate agent. You will be looking for people who want to buy, sell or lease their homes or offices.

However, if you want to take the business to a higher level, you need an office. We have many people that make 150,000 nairas monthly with this business idea.

6. Mobile phone Repair and related services

Over 85% of the Nigerian population has Mobile phones, and the percentage is expected to increase in the coming years. Repairing mobile phones is one of the lucrative offline business ideas in Nigeria.

To start a mobile phone repair shop, you will need to learn the skill and purchase some phone repairing tools to work as a phone repairer.

Inexpensive and sometimes free courses on mobile phone repair are offered by small training institutes and charity organizations.

Additionally, you can add services including call credit recharges, fixing protective screens, selling accessories like headsets, mobile covers, electrical chargers and loading memory cards with audio and video popular for customers.

7. Beadwork Jewellery

Women and men alike are attracted to fancy beaded jewellery. Necklaces and bracelets are examples. Meanwhile, there’s much desire for unique patterns and personalized beaded necklaces and bracelets.

You can easily buy beads and other essential tools required to make beadwork jewellery online from any reputed e-retailer like Amazon. You can sell your creations to colleges, student gatherings, shops, markets, and special occasions, hawking them during traffic jams and door-to-door.

8. Herbal body and skincare products

We all have a fair idea about which herbs and oils are great for body and skincare. Grab some of the traditional, time-tested and proven recipes for Herbal Skincare Lotion, Facial Scrub, Shampoo and other related stuff to take up this business which requires a minimum investment of 25k.

There are many herbal products produced in Nigeria. To make a considerable amount of money selling herbal products, you need to produce highly effective drugs and have strong marketing skills.

9. Plumbing Services

You don’t need a plumber for this business idea. All you need to do is invest in plumbing tools and equipment to hire skilled workers to do the job.

Generally, most plumbing work is the maintenance and repair of old water lines, taps and other fittings. You must pay for these fittings before billing the customer.

10. Electrical Maintenance

Invest in the necessary tools and equipment and hire a skilled electrician to do your work whenever you need it.

This business involves the maintenance of electrical connections in a home, office or building. Annual maintenance contracts are available if you provide high-quality work.

11. Food Delivery

You can quickly cash in on the growing trend of individuals and families outsourcing their daily meals to food delivery services in Nigeria.

Your principal investment for this business idea will be cooking utensils, food items, packaging material or steel food boxes and a bicycle or two-wheeler for delivery.

12. Locally bath soap

The main tools for the manufacture of exotic bath soaps are raw materials, moulds and unique vessels to boil the mixture.

Handmade exotic bath soaps sell at all stores, especially beauty parlours and fashion boutiques.

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13. Aquarium and ornamental fishu

Selling aquarium equipment and ornamental fish, as well as essentials, is a year-round business. Aquariums and fish are bought and given as home and office decorations gifts. In addition, you will need good handling skills in this business idea.

14. Mushroom harvesting

Mushroom harvesting is a business that can be started by persons who live in rural locations. It is 100,000. It would be best if you had a separate room, wooden box and mushroom spores, and water sprayers.

Mushroom harvesting gets attractive incentives in some Nigerian states. Read more: mushroom farming in nigeria 2022.

15. Health drink

Yet another trending business idea that you can open with as little as 50,000. Making juice from herbs, leaves, roots, and fruits has curative and medicinal effects.

These juices are sold in gyms, spas, joggers parks and other public recreation areas. However, it would help if you served them fresh.

16. Maintenance of air-conditioner and refrigerator

The only investment you will need in this business is the equipment required to maintain and repair air conditioners and refrigerators.

You’ll need to rope in the services of qualified air conditioner and refrigeration mechanics who can be paid on a work-only basis.

17. Babysitting

A creche or babysitting service is relatively easy to set up but requires dexterous skill in handling babies and toddlers. A capital of 20k would be enough to buy pampers, Napkins, toys, and other items and employ the services of a maid.

18. Catering Services

Weddings, birthdays and other occasions are celebrated with feasts. Hence, the year-round demand for good catering services.  Getting into catering services business idea, you need to purchase kitchen equipment and hire good chefs and catering crews.

19. Event Organizer

Nowadays, even small events, such as weddings and company parties, enlist the services of organizers. Moreover, this is a rather complicated business idea as you have to offer a solution that meets every need of the entity holding the event.

20. Photography

Photography is one of the offline business ideas in Nigeria, as everyone wants glamorous looking pictures. Those with an eye for detail and a creative mind can offer glamour photography services.

In addition, this can be a relatively expensive business idea as it requires having a high-resolution digital camera and other related equipment. You will need to rent a studio or open your own.

21. Freight Forwarding

With a reasonably good-sized warehouse and some knowledge, freight forwarding is something you can consider. It is pretty simple yet quite attractive.

This freight forwarding business idea in Nigeria requires enormous capital to start up, but it is very profitable as importers and exporters of goods will pay you to use your warehouses.

When opening a warehouse, build it in a location that is near to any seaport in Nigeria, either Onne Seaport or Apapa seaport in Lagos.

22. Recycling business

Recycling is a business that receives many benefits from the government for environmental protection. You can open a small plastic recycling, lylon recycling, paper recycling, iron/metal recycling unit with an investment of around Ten million Naira.

Many plastic/lylon/paper wastes in Nigeria will be very profitable if one starts a recycling business.

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23. Frozen Meat Store

Often referred to as the ‘cold room’ in Nigeria, frozen meat stores stock products that are not easily found in the market. Nevertheless, there is a massive demand for their products, such as pork ham, bacon, chicken lap and salami, cocktails and pork sausages.

Read more: How to start a frozen food business in Nigeria.

23. Stationery Retail

Selling stationery is one of Nigeria’s safest offline business ideas in Nigeria that make quick profits for you.

Paper is needed by everyone – from Nursery school students to offices and big corporate houses. Stationery has no expiry date, which means your goods last longer.

24. Hair Salon

According to the report, the hair care and beauty salon is doing $80 billion+ business in the coming year. it is one of the best profitable business ideas from where you can start. You should take a professional hair salon and training from some reputed training institutes. It requires very little investment initially.

Hair Salon is one of the high-profit margin businesses, where initially you need a rented or owned space and some essential equipment for this. Identify the best location for your new salon business.

Take extra care of cleanliness and customer satisfaction at your shop. And this will give you a repeat customer base to survive in the market.

Read more: how to start up a salon business in Nigeria.

25. General / Retail Stores

You can open a retail and general store for any residential area. The location of the shop is a crucial element of success. If you want to start a general store, you should focus on some new build residency and choose one nearby.


there is a huge demand for fruit juices in Nigeria as people love fruits due to the benefits fruits have to the body.

The fruit juice business is an offline business one can. Start with low capital and make huge profits. Buy fruits from ruler areas and make fruit juices to sell in the urban areas.

27. Barbecue business

This lucrative business can be done at night in a place with active nightlife. Profitable barbecued meats include pork, beef, chicken, goat meat, and mutton.


You have seen 27 offline business ideas in Nigeria. You can start up with little and big capital.

Choose any offline business idea suitable to you in this post, and check if you have enough capital to set it up.

It is advisable that while starting up these offline business ideas, one has to have all government certifications to avoid lawsuits and government sanctions.

Government agencies you ought to register with include NAFDAC, SON and other relative government agencies, depending on the nature of your business.

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