Best Online Investment platforms in Nigeria

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This article explains all you need to know about the 15 best legit online investment platforms in Nigeria. It is good to cut your spending habits and make returns on investment on your money.

What are online Investment platforms: These are internet-based platforms that allow people to invest their money and get interested in your investment online. Those platforms accept investments from the public online and give a certain percentage of your investment yearly as your profits on investment with them.

To invest using online investment platforms, you will need to register and invest through their website or mobile app. All online investment platforms in Nigeria have their terms and conditions and different Percentage of returns on investment.

How do Online Investment platforms work?

Investment platforms make their money through the profits your investment generated for them, unlike some Ponzi schemes in Nigeria that depend on the registration fee of new members to generate income and pay old members.

Most Online investment platforms in Nigeria use their members’ investment to do different business and generate profits. At the same time, some give out your money as loans to members of the public who repay the loans with a certain percentage of interest.

What Percentage do Investment platforms Pay Their Investors?

All investment platforms don’t pay a uniform Percentage of investment; the amount of interest you get depends on the investment platform. Generally, investment platforms in Nigeria offer at least 10 to 25% returns on your investment.

An important thing to note is that all legit online investment platforms in Nigeria must be registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Avoid any investment platform that is not registered with SEC.

Best Online Investment platforms in Nigeria

Here are the 15 legit best online investment platforms in Nigeria that you can use to invest and make money while sleeping. Platforms listed in this post are tested and trusted  by many users and found to be reliable.

1. Opay

Opay is one of the best investment apps in Nigeria that offers guaranteed returns on investment. Opay is owned by the same Chinese company that owns Opera News. Apart from making investments, Opay has other financial services like savings, loans, etc.

Opay has two investment options which are

  • Owealth: It allows you to invest and get 15% on your investment yearly. If you invest 50,000, you get 57,500 annually.
  • Flexifixed: Flexifixed on Opay gives you 0.2% interest weekly and 1% monthly on your investment.

2. Piggyvest

This is one of Nigeria’s best and most reliable investment platforms. Piggyvest is the oldest investment platform in Nigeria as it has been in business since 2016 to date without any bad record or reputation.

Piggyvest, formerly known as Piggybank, started as a saving app to inculcate saving habits among Nigerians. Piggyvest has five investment plans for willing investors; they are:

  • Core savings: This plan helps people save their money weekly or monthly. It is also known as autosave which part of your money is deducted automatically from your account as savings.  Investors on Core Savings earn 10% interest on their investments yearly. You can withdraw your investment after three months.
  •  Target Savings: This plan encourages people to invest for a specific goal or target like a house, car, etc.
  • Safelock: These options make it possible for investors to lock their funds until the maturity date, which means that one can’t withdraw his money anytime he wishes unless it is maturity. Investors on the Safelock plan earn 12.5% interest yearly.
  • Investify: This feature enables you to invest in any field you like, Agriculture or Crypto and earn up to 25% interest on your investment annually.
  • Flex naira: This feature allows you to invest daily and earn 8% returns on investment yearly.

3. Cowrywise

it is one of the investment platforms in Nigeria. Cowrywise was launched in 2017 by its founders, Razeq Ahmed and Edward Popoola.

Cowrywise partners with popular brands like Afrivest, United Capital and other brands. Cowrywise offers 10% ROI yearly to their investors.

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4. Risevest

This online investment platform is a platform on which any willing investor should invest his money. Rivest offers you an option to invest in dollars as you can invest a minimum of 10$ investment.

Rivest invests your money into three businesses, which are:

  • Stocks: if you choose this feature, you earn 14% interest yearly. They will buy stocks for you with your money.
  • Real Estate: Real Estate is a thriving business; that is why Risevest has Real Estate investment. It offers 15% interest on your investments every year.
  • Fixed income: This plan helps you to earn a fixed deposit of 10% of your investor’s money.

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5. Trove

This platform allows you to buy and trade stocks on their app. One can buy stocks and shares of both local and foreign companies.

Trove offers an investment package that allows you to invest in top brands like Netflix, Dangote Sugar, Qatar airlines, UBA, and other leading companies by buying their shares.

You can invest with Trove with a minimum of 10$ to purchase shares.

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6. Payday Investor 

This is one investment platform that offers a return on investment to its investors. Payday investor is a subsidiary of Asset and Resource Management Holding company (ARM), a well-known company in Nigeria.

Payday investor allows investors to invest little amount; their minimum amount to invest is only 1,000 naira.

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7. Investment one

This is a GT bank subsidiary that allows Nigerians to invest. Investment one is a platform where you can invest your money and have peace of mind as you get guaranteed profits.

Investment One has been in existence since 2007 and has been paying its investors amount ranging from 2.47 to 14% yearly.

8. Bamboo

This platform is one of the investment platforms that allows you to invest in foreign stocks like Telsa, GT bank, UBA, Chaka, Intel, Paypal and Apple.

You can invest with as little as 20$.


It is an online investment platform in Nigeria that allows investors to choose a particular area they choose to invest in.

Areas you invest in include Agriculture, Real Estate, fixed income etc. is owned by wealthtech limited, an affiliate of Sankore limited in 2019.

It has been paying investors 7 to 15% interest.

10. I-invest 

It is a platform that allows investors to invest in treasury bills, stocks and Eurobonds.

I-invest requires a tremendous amount of money investment; the minimum amount to invest is 100,000 naira.

It was founded by Parthian limited and regulated by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

11. Carbon

Carbon is an app that offers bill payments, loans and investment options. Carbon gives investors 11% interest to their investors yearly.

12. Chaka

Chaka app allows you to trade and invest in local and foreign stocks in Nigeria. You can start trading stocks on Chaka as low as 3500 nairas.


Those are the 12 legit online investment platforms in Nigeria that you should invest your money in. They are registered with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and are confirmed to have been paying their investors to date.

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