25 skills to learn in Nigeria to make money

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With the level of unemployment and financial difficulty in Nigeria, people are searching for the best skills to learn in Nigeria to give them financial freedom or independence. One can develop skills and use them as a full-time job or as a side hustle to supplement your salary. 

Skills are essential as it helps you in many ways; they give you additional qualification to get get a job, use them as a source of income, and use them for training yourself while schooling. 

There are many skills one can learn in Nigeria as there are skills for old, young, male or female, educated and uneducated. Some people are naturally gifted with Skill, while others struggle to learn how to gain mastery over a specific skill.

Some skills take longer than others; you can learn some skills in 2-3 months, others 6 months, while others might be 3 years. I will also show you how long some skills take to learn.

You should know that you can learn some skills for free while others demand you pay heavily before learning them. I will also show you where to learn some skills for free.

25 skills to learn in Nigeria to make money.

I will be revealing to you the 25 skills to learn in Nigeria to make money. I will show you everything you ought to know about the skills listed in this post. There are listed below:

1. Tailoring

Tailoring is a skill that both males and females can learn, young and old. It is quite profitable as the demand for our local attires like Ankara, Asoebi, Agbada, Senators, and other traditional attires is high in Nigeria. Tailors make money whenever someone gives them the cloth to sew. 

To learn Tailoring, search for a tailor near you and register as an apprentice under him or her.

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2. Playing musical instruments

This Skill involves playing instruments like piano, Band, Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, and Saxophone. You can register and learn these musical instruments skill from a renowned tutor near you or can alternatively learn from YouTube if you have the instrument at home. 

Playing musical instruments can fetch you up to 20,000 weekly. You can hire yourself to play in Churches, parties, and other events. You can make money with this Skill by teaching people for a fee.

3. Carpentry

Furniture is one essential product found in Every house or office. Examples of furniture include Chairs, Tables, Drawers, and Sofas.

People are spending money on furniture made with foreign wood, as a result of this making this Skill profitable. 

Sign up as an Apprentice under a Carpenter and learn for 2 to 3 years.

4. Driving

Learn Driving Skills and get a Driver’s Licence, and you will be making a considerable amount of money. The demand for drivers has increased in Nigeria with the advent of taxi companies like Uber and Taxify.

Driving Skills can land you a job as a Company or Personal Driver. One can also be driving his car or bus as a commercial driver and make money from it. Learn Driving from any Driving school and pass your driving test.

5. Phone Repairs

This is one Skill I will advise anybody searching for the best skills to learn. Phone Repairs have become lucrative as people’s phones develop faults; they always take to a phone Technician to repair. Phone Repairers can make 50,000 nairas monthly depending on where your shop is located.

Places to learn phone repairing are phone repair shops and YouTube, as there are tons of video tutorials on repairing any kind of phone. One can learn some aspects of phone repairs online: Flashing, upgrading, and unlocking.

6. Laptop Repairs

This Skill is quite lucrative, like phone repairs, although diligence and great technical skills to succeed.

Repairing laptops can be a source of income for you as you will repair laptops for private individuals, schools, and corporate organizations. You can learn laptop repairs offline and online.

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7. Web designing

Designing websites is a high-income skill you should not joke with. Your proficiency and creativity will attract more web designing jobs for you through referrals from past clients. 

The cost of designing a website ranges from 40 to 80k per website; imagine you get 10 such web design jobs monthly.

As more companies, schools, churches, E-commerce, and NGOs are emerging, the demand for web designers will also emerge. One can design websites with WordPress and with some coding languages.

You can learn web designing from YouTube and free web designing courses on Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare platforms.

8. Hair Dressing

Hairdressing is one Skill that any female can learn in Nigeria. Ladies will always plait and take care of their hair to look more beautiful.

It is a highly sought-after skill, so you can’t go dry of patronage.

The hottest seasons for hairdressers to make money are during festival seasons like Christmas, Easter, and New year celebrations. You can learn hairdressing in 6 months in any hair salon.

9. Cake Baking

In Every Wedding, Birthday party, or Anniversary, cakes are used to celebrate such joyful moments. 

Cake Baking can be learned from any baking school or on YouTube, as there are millions of video tutorials on YouTube that teach how to bake different kinds of Cake. 

With the frequency of Wedding and Birthday occasions, friends, families, and neighbours can hire you to bake Cake for their events. 

10. Barbing

Barbing is one lucrative Skill that is not seasonal. It is a skill that is sure to give you 5,000 daily. Barbing of hair is one necessity that almost everyone does; you need to barb your hair whether you have money or not. 

Learn Barbing from your favourite barber for 6 months, open your shop in an open area and buy barbing tools.

11. Photography

An adage says A picture is worth a thousand words. People take photos to remember critical moments in their life.

Photos are taken at almost every event, be it burial, weddings, child dedication, School matriculation and graduation, House dedication, and other events.

You can learn Photography within 3 months, all you need is have photographic tools like a Camera, and you are good to go. One can also make money from Photography by taking passports. 

12. Video Editing

Video Editing involves editing videos to make them look more beautiful and exciting. There are both free and paid tools that one can use and create calm and stunning videos.

People consume videos more than Text online; that’s why business owners demand video editors who can make videos, ads, and animations.

Video editors can also make money by editing movies for Nollywood producers and comic videos for Comedians. You can also hire a video editor to manage the YouTube channel. 

Video editing tools or apps are Video cutter, Platagoon, Inshot, Kinemaster, and Flixpress.

Where to get Video editing jobs? Freelancing sites like

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • 99designs, etc., or on your Social media handles.

13. App Development

it is the skills of developing and designing phone applications. App development is a lucrative skill with low competition as App developers are paid up to 1500$ per project.

App developers build your favourite apps on your phone, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Canva, Music and Video player, TikTok, YouTube, etc. 

Recently, Twitter was sold for 43 Billion dollars, so imagine developing an app that will shake the world.

App development requires a lot of technicalities as you need to learn complex programming languages to develop apps.

However, app-building platforms can create an app in 15 minutes, e.g., Sketchware, Bubble, Buildbox, appcreator247, and Appgreyser. 

Some paid app development courses on Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable, but you can get a handful of app development tutorials for free also on YouTube.

14. Snacks Making

Food is one of the basic needs of man. Also, snacks are important as it serves as an appetizer before main meals or uses to quench hunger.

Snacks to make are chin, Buns, Popcorn, puff-puff, Meat pie, Fish roll, and egg roll. Making all these snacks can be learned within 3 weeks if you are diligent enough to learn. You can also learn it on YouTube as there are countless snacks making tutorials on YouTube.

You can sell snacks in highly populated areas is very profitable.

15. Software Development

It involves creating apps (programs or software) for Computers. This Skill is more complicated than other skills as it requires great attention and dexterity to excel.

You can learn software development in 2 to 5 years. The major places to learn Software development are the universities. You might learn it in an online course.

You must learn tough programming languages like C++, Java, Windows operating systems, and other programming languages. 

Software developers are paid heavily as most software developers in Nigeria earn 500,000 weekly, or you opt to travel abroad where software developers are in high demand.

16. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

You can make money as a freelance content and copywriter if you are good at writing. You can write for blogs and web owners and get paid.

Companies or start-ups can hire you to write business proposals, term papers, Essays, Emails, research papers, User guides, white business papers, and grants proposals. Copywriters are hired to write ad copies for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing ads. A marketer can also hire you to write sales to targeted customers.

Places to learn content writing and copywriting include free and paid content writing courses on Edx, Udemy, Teachable, and other online courses available to you. One can also learn it by watching numerous content and copywriting tutorials on YouTube or following top content writing blogs like Copyblogger, Neil Patel, Wordstream, etc. 

One can get writing jobs on Up work, I write, Textbroker, Fiverr, Golancer, and get paid to write platforms like vocal. Media, Medium, HubPages, Listverse, and freedom with writing.

17. Mechanic work

Due to the bad roads in Nigeria, Every Car is prone to having one fault or the other once in a while, and mechanics are needed to repair the faults.

Mechanic work is quite lucrative as I know of mechanics who, through the mechanic jobs, were to purchase their vehicles. 

Learning mechanics might take you two to three years to learn under someone. 

18. CCTV Installation

With the insecurity in our lands, CCTV is installed to check security and discover criminal offenders. CCTV is highly demanded in Hotels, School Hostels, classrooms, Exams, Churches, Companies, Event centres, and even government establishments.

Learning CCTV installation can take you 3 to 6 months to learn. Some courses teach you CCTV installation skills both offline and online.

19. Graphics Design

It is the act of designing fliers, clip arts, Logos, posters, awards, and certificates. Graphics design is a skill anyone can Learn for free if you have a smartphone or a laptop.

One can create stunning and eye-catching designs with some graphics apps like Canva, PicsArt, Pexllab, and software like Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop.

You can learn graphics designs on YouTube or partake in some WhatsApp classes. A graphic designer can design a Logo for 7 to 10k when you get more customers by posting samples of your designs.

20. Dancing

This is a skill for those with a flexible body that can dance creatively. Dance is getting lucrative now as many dancers are now millionaires in Nigeria.

If you are naturally a good dancer, just improve your Skill by watching dancing skits on YouTube and TikTok.

You can be a millionaire by winning some of the annual dance contests in Nigeria or by creating a YouTube channel where you upload videos of your dance and monetize as soon as you are due for monetization.

There are many dance channels on YouTube with a huge number of subscribers. Another of making money from your dancing skill is being hired to dance with the top musicians in Nigeria and the world

21. Social media management

Social Media has helped the world be a global village. Many people think that their social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are only for chatting and having fun without knowing there are some people making money from managing people’s social media handles.

Social media managers handle posts and respond to comments and messages. They handle the Facebook and Instagram pages of celebrities, Churches, associations, NGOs, brands, Banks, companies, and government agencies.

Social media handlers help grow the pages and publish posts that attract huge engagement. Social media management is a skill one can learn online to manage social media professionally. There are a couple of social management courses online.

22. Digital marketing

Marketing has gone digital as businesses take their marketing online.

So they require the services of digital marketers who will run ads on the internet like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bing, and Google ads.

Digital marketers are also into other aspects of internet marketing. You can learn digital marketing skills online courses in and outside Nigeria.

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23. SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. They optimize posts and businesses to rank on the first page of Search Engines queries like Google, Bing, and duck goo. Companies want to outrank their competitors and dominate their niches. 

SEO is a skill with different dimensions as it has other ways and patterns of ranking. SEO specialists optimize posts with keywords, build backlinks, and they are run paid ads to rank on search engines. 

24. Solar Installation

Installing solar panels and lights is one of the best skills to learn in Nigeria.

More solar companies are emerging, and soon, those with solar installing skills will be in high demand.

25. Street light installation

Landlords are now installing Street lights in and outside their apartments. Companies and the Government are giving Street lights to communities to help the nightlife of an area.

You can learn street light installation within 2 to 3 months. You just need 1 major contract to blow with this Skill.


I have revealed the 25 best skills you can learn in Nigeria. Skill acquisition is very important, and it does not matter if you are a student, employed, unemployed, old, or young.

Skills can help you earn income full-time, and they also give you an additional advantage in your job pursuit. 

Choose any skill in this article and commit the required years to it with due diligence, and very soon, you will start making money with your Skill. 

Thanks for reading.

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